Unlimited potential to cure genetic disease

We are a next-generation gene editing company that has built a highly innovative genome editing platform with one of the world’s largest and most diverse collections of novel RNA-guided nucleases (RGNs) and base editors. Backed by the investment of ElevateBio and AgBiome, we’re focused on strengthening our platform, developing a pipeline of therapies for genetic diseases, and sharing our expertise through strategic partnerships.

Our Therapies

We are developing our own pipeline of in vivo gene therapies that will focus on genetic disorders caused by inherited genetic mutations for which no disease-modifying therapies are available.

Our Platform

Our genome editing platform offers a large and diverse collection of novel RGNs and base editors that provide flexible editing and unprecedented access to genomic loci of interest.

Our Platform

Strategic Partnerships

To provide access to genome editing tools and cure disease, we're seeking partnerships with biotech and pharmaceutical companies including those interested in ex vivo therapies. We will also continue to support ElevateBio's broad portfolio of innovative biotech companies.

Partner with Us

Our Team

We are scientists and leaders on a shared mission to make innovative, curative therapies available to patients with devastating genetic diseases.

Our Team


We have access to ElevateBio’s proven expertise in cell and gene therapy and their BaseCamp R&D and manufacturing facility, and retain exclusive rights to AgBiome’s massive proprietary microbial library for use in human therapeutics.