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Chuck Pepe-Ranney, PhD
Chuck Pepe-Ranney, PhD

Chuck Pepe-Ranney, PhD

Associate Director

Computational Biology

Chuck works as a genomics data scientist at Life Edit Therapeutics. He completed his PhD at the Colorado School of Mines studying hot-spring microbiology and later studied microbial carbon cycling in soil as a postdoctoral researcher at Cornell University.

Chuck has been working with genomics data for over a decade and has applied that experience to study a variety of ecosystems from the human microbiome and agricultural soil to sea-star viruses. He taught computational microbiome analysis while in graduate school as a teaching fellow on the Microbial Diversity Course at Woods Hole and designed and led the team that implemented AgBiome’s genomic data platform which manages rich genomics information from nearly 100,000 microbial genomes.

Chuck also currently teaches the introductory course “Data Science Basics” in the University of North Carolina Gillings School of Public Health.

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