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Vasu Kommireddy, PhD
Vasu Kommireddy, PhD

Vasu Kommireddy, PhD

Senior Scientist

Technology Development

Vasu is focused on developing Life Edit Therapeutics’ genome editing technology through nucleic acid biochemistry and engineering for therapeutic areas. He has 15 years of experience in molecular biology research.

Prior to joining Life Edit, Vasu was an American Heart Association Postdoctoral Fellow followed by Research Associate at Cleveland Clinic Foundation where he studied translation regulation of therapeutically important genes. During this time, he developed CRISPR based knock-in mouse models and LNA-qPCR based screening technique. He also brings expertise in mammalian cell culture, cell biology and single cell sequencing.

Vasu received his PhD in Microbiology and Cell Biology from the Indian Institute of Science, where he worked on high fidelity HNH restriction endonuclease KpnI and discovered novel co-evolutionary arms race strategies between bacteria and phages.

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