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Xiuying Li, PhD
Xiuying Li, PhD

Xiuying Li, PhD

Senior Scientist

Preclinical Development

Xiuying joins Life Edit Therapeutics to help build the non-viral delivery platform. She has nearly 10 years of experience in nanomedicine. Her favorite nanoparticles are LNPs and liposomes.

Before joining Life Edit, Xiuying was a Senior Scientist at Immorna Biotherapeutics, where she developed LNPs and polymeric nano complexes for mRNA delivery. Previously, Xiuying was a formulation scientist at Nexus Pharmaceuticals, Inc working on complex generic injectables. Prior to, Xiuying was a research scientist at The University of Texas at Dallas developing stimulus-responsive liposomes for the on-demand release of biomolecules and drugs. 

Xiuying received her Ph.D. in Pharmaceuticals from the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medical, Chinese Academy of Science (CAS), and a B.S. in Pharmacy from Xiamen University, China.

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